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Stop questioning what gifts you should give! The olive oil soaps are the answer to all of your problems about gifts. Everyone definitely loves having a handmade gift and a practical gift just like olive oil soaps. The olive oil wedding gift favor are so easy to make and are very affordable.


Before you start your project, be certain that you already have all the ingredients as well as the work area prepared.


First of all, be sure to melt the oil which could either be palm oil or coconut oil. Melt them in a big pot over a medium heat. And once the oil would start to reach about 100 degree Celsius, then turn off the heat.


Next is, add the olive oil to the soap recipes. Be certain that the coconut or palm oils are hat before you add the olive oil.


Be certain that the temperature is around 100 degree Celsius before you add the lye into the mixture. Then add the lye very slowly. Then stick blend the amalgamation very slowly and you will begin to see that it becomes cloudy.


When you mix, start with a short spurts by the stick blender. Then do this until the oils as well as the lye are mixed together completely.


Next, you will reach what is called a trace by the old or ancient soap makers. The trace is defined as the point in the soap making procedure wherein the mixture is combined so well. The oils will not move away from the lye during this time.


Then you can add colors, fragrances or anything else that you think essential such as flower petals and so on.


Then pour the mixture of soap in a mold. Pour the soap in a motion that is back and forth. This will be thick. Then tap the mold gently and once you are done pouring, then on your counter top. This will aid in removing any excess bubbles.


You definitely want to place a towel over the mold so as to keep the heat inside. Create your new and creative holiday gifts aside for about 24 hours for it to cool down.


And once it is already cooled down, then cut the soaps into shapes or sizes that you want and add any piece of ribbon or toile afterwards.


In this way, you are creating a gift on your own and that is affordable and confirm that olive oil can be more useful than food gluten free.


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